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A Turk(ish) Romance, Chapter 3

Title: A Turk(ish) Romance
Author: Crystal Renee
Rating: T, for now.
Length: Ongoing-- Chapter 3/50
Pairings: Reno x Cissnei
Type: An episodic journey from an omniscent point of view of the developing relationship between Reno and Cissnei, from a professional level to something deeper throughout all levels of the FFVII series, Crisis Core through Advent Children. Multi-chaptered.
Genre: General/Romance
Warnings: I'm relatively new to FFVII, so a lot of this story will deviate from the original timeline and sequence of the game. I'm using a lot of internet research to place the story, and being creative with the pasts of the characters and their ages, so the story is slightly AU. For reference: in this story, Reno is 23 and Cissnei is 19 (since there is no real age given for either character, other than Cissnei being 16 at the start of Crisis Core). Please be kind to me, I'm new at this!
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A Turk(ish) Romance

By: Crystal Renee

Episode 3: Lunch

Reno's eyes followed the mound of potatoes in a porcelain bowl as the waitress lowered it in front of him, her arm dipping and twisting away once she'd done so. He didn't bother to thank her, and began eating and motioning around with his hands until she left. It had been a while since he'd eaten well prepared potatoes; mashed ones were his favorite. They didn't have to have gravy, butter, or seasoning-- bland, plain potatoes were fine for him. The restaurant always seasoned them lightly with rosemary and oil, garnished with a basil leaf and served as a side. Reno never ordered them as a side; the bowl in front of him was large enough for a full serving of pasta with bread.
"You certainly eat enough."
He glanced up, eyeing Cissnei warily over the table. "Not everyone eats nothing but greens, babe."
She tipped her head to the side, twisting her fork around on the plate of salad in front of her. "Maybe not."
There was silence for a while amongst them while they ate; Cissnei's eyes occasionally glanced behind Reno toward their target, flirtatiously batting her eyelashes or twisting her head to reveal a slight amount of neck. He was watching, they both knew it, but this wasn't Reno's portion of the mission. He had only come to the restaurant was because he was hungry, and partially because he'd never been fond of the way female Turks had to do their work; Cissnei had picked on him about being a "chivalrous un-gentleman" for most of the walk there because of it. He glanced toward her once more, surveying the poised manner she used to hold her silverware (which was pointing directly into her salad, but not lifting any of it for her to eat), the fact that her chin rested lightly on the palm of her free hand and the way she leered over the table and over his shoulder.
"Aren't you going to eat?" he pointed to the plate again with his spoon, obviously agitated. "First you don't order any meat, and then you don't eat. I guess girls have to starve themselves to keep their figures?"
Cissnei straightened, appearing as if he'd surprised her with his question to keep her cover. "No, I'm going to eat."
"You're still going to be hungry when you’re done."
"Not likely." she smiled. "I've been a vegetarian for a long time, so this should be more than enough to fill me up."
Reno blinked a few times, his brow furrowing a bit in confusion as he leaned back in his seat, right arm draping over the booth behind him. "You're kidding."
"No." Cissnei lifted a forkful of lettuce and carrots to her mouth. "Is it surprising?"
"I didn't think we had the ability to be that picky."
"It's not about being picky, it's about being healthy."
He raised his right eyebrow, and then went back to scooping mashed potatoes into his mouth. She could have a meatless meal if she wanted; it wasn't like he had any right to chastise her choice of food. Cissnei shifted her feet under the table to get more comfortable and continued eating as well, only glancing up once to assure herself that her target was still seated behind her company.
"Besides, Reno." she remarked lightly, glancing over at him after staring at her fork for a while. "I don't see you eating any meat right now, either."

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