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2 Fanfics to share

Heya, I'm new to this place, still trying to understand LJ, so sorry if I do something wrong, which I'm bound to do xD

It was only a...
Pairing: None, Turks.
Rating: G
Warnings: Poor attempt at humour :'D
Summary: There was only one thing that can scare the fearless Reno.
Chapter length: 474
It was only a...

Ghost of You
Pairing: One sided Cissnei/Zack, implied Zack/Aerith.
Rating: M
Warnings: violence, drugs, suicide, angst
Summary: What happened to Cissnei after Zack's death. A short story between the event of Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII.
Chapter length: 2,764
Ghost of You

Hope you Enjoy :')
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